When you’re looking to purchase a new gate for your driveway there are a number of things that you need to consider such as: gate material, gate style, swing or sliding, automated or manual opening and security considerations. If you’re looking to enhance the security of your property or give your home added kerb appeal then a driveway gate could be the perfect choice. In this article we’ll guide you through how to pick the right gate for your driveway.

Gate material

There are two main choices which are timber or metal. While both of these have their own pros and cons if you’re looking for a gate that will suit any style of property then you can’t go far wrong with a timber driveway gate. And because timber is a natural material it gives a softer look and feel in comparison to a metal gate.

Timber gates can be stained or painted to make them more in-keeping with the style of your property and will help add charm and character to your property. Another advantage of timber is that if you choose a style such as our courtyard gates you’ll benefit from added privacy when the gates are shut.

Gate style

From courtyard gates and town gates to field gates and estate gates there are a huge number of styles of gates available. Which you pick is all down to personal preference and to some extent the style and location of your property. If you own a country cottage then an estate gate or one of our prestige gates may be more in keeping with the look and feel of your property. While those that live in the city may prefer the looks and style of our town gates.

Our courtyard gates are always a popular choice and give a good level of security and privacy and can easily be automated. Field gates are a traditional choice and can be made in a choice of softwood or hardwoods.

Swing or sliding

Depending on how much space you have and the width of your driveway you’ll need to decide on whether you’d like to have a swing or sliding gate. Swing gates are the simpler option but you do need sufficient room on your drive for the gates to open inwards. If you have a sloping driveway then a swing gate may not have enough clearance and so might not be an option.

Sliding gates offer more security than a swing gate and use a track and rollers to slide horizontally across your driveway. If there is a lack of space behind or in front of the gate to swing open or if the ground slopes or is uneven then a sliding gate may be your best option.

Automated or manual opening

Another consideration when selecting a driveway gate is if you want the gate to be opened manually or if you would like to have the gate automated. All of our wooden gates can be automated and there are two main ways that this can be achieved: above ground automation and below ground automation.

Above ground automation is the simplest method of powering your gate and involves attaching a swinging arm or sliding arm to the gates. Below ground automation is more aesthetically pleasing as the mechanism for opening the gate is hidden out of view. Generally speaking a below ground automation option will cost a lot more than an above the ground option.


The style of gate you choose will have a big impact on the security and privacy of your property. A gate such as one of our courtyard gates will offer a lot more security and privacy then a field gate. For help picking the right gate for your property get in touch with Trew Gates today on 01570 480 400 or via the contact form below and we’ll be happy to help.