Timber Courtyard Gates

For those that are looking for a stylish gate that offers plenty of security then you’ll love our range of handmade timber courtyard gates. These beautifully crafted gates have a solid timber face to provide privacy and protection for your property. From the imposing and solid flat top Conway to the elegant curves of the Denbigh or Beaumaris, each of our courtyard gates offer an attractive way to keep out unwanted intrusions.

It’s easy to see why our timber courtyard gates are our most popular range and thanks to our traditional techniques these gates are perfectly suited to automation. All of the gates in this range can be built from a range of timbers including: Seasoned Oak, Iroko, Sapele, Idigbo, Western Red Cedar and Joinery Redwood.

Our handmade courtyard gates are the perfect choice for use on a driveway because they are hardwearing and offer a good level of security. The gates are handmade and use mortise and tenon joints and hardwood dowels to ensure they are nice and strong and can withstand the pressures of automation.

From the clean straight lines of our Hilltop and Conway gates to the gentle curves of our Denbigh and Beaumaris gates, our range of courtyard gates not only look great but are built to last. All of our gates are handmade by our professional team from our workshop in Wales and can be shipped anywhere in the UK.

Our wooden courtyard style of gate is available in the following timber selections:

Seasoned Oak
Western Red Cedar
Joinery Redwood

If you’d like a free no obligation quote then please do get in touch with us today on 01570 480 400 and we’ll be happy to help. When working out a quote we’ll need some information from you such as the size of the space where the gate will be placed as well as height and leaf requirements. Our friendly team will be happy to talk you through the process and make sure that you find the right gate to match your needs.

Iroko Slider

Hilltop Courtyard Gate

Hilltop Gate 
A variation to a classic flat top gate, it has windows in the upper part breaking up the gate to give a modern fresh look. 


Conway Courtyard Gate

Conway Gate 
The Conway Gate gives a clear message: KEEP OUT! 
This style of gate is versatile, bringing security to a town or rural setting alike. This gate can be made to have a traditional or contemporary feel. 

Denbigh Courtyard Gate

Denbigh Gate 
This timeless gate design will enhance any entrance. Rising between 6”-8″ the gentle curve through the length of the gate will add a touch of class to your driveway.

Denbigh Double Curve Gate

Denbigh Double Curve Gate 

A play on the Denbigh Gate but curving up to the centre with a double radius (swan neck style).


Beaumaris Courtyard Gate

Beaumaris Gate 
The Beaumaris gate will welcome you home every time with its gentle curve dipping in the centre, this gate offers a stylish open feel to your driveway.