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Green Oak Fieldgate

Green Oak Gates

This week I have been making some green oak gates. Why Green Oak? Why is it Green?

Green is the term used for freshly cut timber. So the timber is unseasoned timber. We mainly use Green Oak to manufacture field gates and rustic garden furniture. This is because it may twist and distort as it dries. It is also likely to develop surface shakes or cracks as it dries. When it is freshly cut its light brown in color. Within a year of the gates being exposed to the sunlight they will turn silver-grey in color.

When the gates are supplied they will often gate blue stains on the gates. Why? When they are manufactured and come in to contact with any metal the tanning in the timber has a reaction with the steal and caused the timber to turn blue and the metal goes rusty overnight. So all the machinery has to be sprayed with WD-40 to prevent the rust!!

Green Oak FieldgateThe green oak gates will be strong and very durable. For this reason Green Oak Field gates were specified to be used as part of the “Tir Gofal” scheme all over Wales from 1996-2002. Thousands of green oak gates have been Installed as part of the scheme and they are still used daily by farmers and home owners all over Wales.

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